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Dedicated Horse Sitting Service at Our Horse Care Facility

The Hidden Ranch provides complete horse sitting services at our horse care facility in Keller, Texas. At our ranch, we ensure that each horse we care for gets the highest level of attention.

Each horse stays in its own well-maintained 12 ft. x 12 ft. stall with a view of the outside premises, but it is allowed to socialize with other horses from time to time. In addition we have spacious pastures and round pens where you can ride and train your horse when you come to visit.

Basic Needs
During your horse's stay, our caretakers will feed him twice daily with quality grains and hay from our supply. In case of sickness, our 100%-mobile veterinarian will attend to any and every need, and while waiting for his arrival, we will administer the required first-aid.

Genuine Care
To keep your horse warm during the cold months, our caretakers will cover it with blankets. Also, we will take the proper measures to help ensure its good health, which include adding electrolytes to its feed.

Horse Care Facility

Horses need to feel that they are loved and cared for. Our caretakers will interact with them daily, and show them affection by stroking them and providing due companionship and assistance as needed.

Fair Rates
Horse boarding rates cost anywhere from $375.00 to $450.00 a month, depending on the type of stall you choose. You can also choose between allowing your horse to have a private turnout and pasture, or shared ones with other horses.

Contact our horse care facility today in Keller, Texas, for more details regarding our horse sitting services.